Monday, December 28, 2009

electric wheelchair scooter bags and baskets

We have scooter and powerchair bags and cargo baskets to offer;
There are many to choose from.
If you do not see what you need here
drop us an email or call
We can get the basket that was designed to fit your scooter (custom order)

wheelchair and scooter solid foam filled tires

You can buy most any and all sizes of scooter and powerchair tires solid and foam filled here.

These are easy to put on, but may be a lil tricky getting the first of the four hub bolts threaded.
Put a "c" clamp on the side of the rim to compress the hub together to get the first bolt threaded
You can also use a vise (put cardboard in the jaws first so you do not marr the rim.

electric wheelchair tires and tubes

You can get tires and tubes for most make and model scooters and chairs here
Tires with tubes are the easiest to change

electric wheelchair parts

Have a need for electric wheelchair parts?
electric wheelchair parts
We have;
  • batteries
  • chargers
  • tires
  • tubes
  • controllers
  • joysticks
  • accessories
  • motors
  • gearboxes
  • switches
  • holders
  • anything and everything you may need for your powerchair or scooter

If you dont see it for sale, call or email us. We can get it.

vsi joystick controller testing

Genarally speaking, a vsi controller will "act up" under 4 conditions.
  1. motor fault
  2. brake fault
  3. charger fault
  4. PCB printed circuit board fault (most common)

Go here for codes

go here for sales